Friday, December 14, 2012

G's Anatomy

By Frank Anthony Polito

Wanted to give a shout out to my fellow Carnegie Mellon alum, and pal, Gaius Charles, who recently joined the cast of one of my favorite TV Shows, Grey's Anatomy.  Because I'm not a regular reader of HuffPost and all the other major TV-related blogs, I guess I missed out on the announcement back in mid-July. But I was super-excited to see Gaius' smiling face at Seattle Grace this season.

Some of you might recognize Gaius from his stint as "Smash" on Friday Night Lights. I had the pleasure of befriending Gaius during my first year at CMU when I stage-managed my buddy Collin's terrific play Judas Jones, which starred Gaius as a Jesus-like high school basketball player.

Gaius later originated the role of Ian Brown in my one-act play Blue Tuesday, the precursor to my full-length, award-winning Another Day on Willow St. Sadly, this was back before everyone turned camera crazy with their smartphones, and I don't have any pictures from either of these productions :-(

So happy for all of Gaius' success... No one deserves it more.

Gaius sits down w/ fellow CMU alum Ashley Nicole

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