Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmastime Is Here

By Frank Anthony Polito

Though I can't say I'm feeling it -- at least not just yet. Sure, there's an abundance of sweets all around, and I think I've gained back the 5 pounds I lost last month when Craig was away for work, and I was too busy writing to take time to stop and eat. To help get myself more into the Holiday Spirit, I've taken to listening to my favorite tunes via Spotify.

This morning I came across the original Merry Christmas from Sesame Street, circa 1976, maybe? Growing up, I was a big SS fan -- long before Elmo came along and took over the block. I actually had this album on vinyl and would listen over and over this time of year on my Fisher-Price portable suitcase-style record player.

A few years back my brother surprised me with a CD version, but sadly I discovered it's been updated to include Elmo on almost every song. And I don't believe the "Gift of the Magi" track starring Bert and Ernie, narrated by Mr. Hooper (God rest his sweet soul), is included on the update. But now you can listen to the real-deal right HERE.

Another one of my favorite holiday "specials" had to be Christmas Eve on Sesame Street which you can watch below... Happy Holidays!


  1. Hi Frank! I am in the middle of "remembering christmas". i ordered it for xmas last year but it didn't find me here in mexico ubtil summertime! glad i saved it for now. hope your holidays are festive and gay. saludos, bob

    1. Always a pleasure to hear from you, Bob. Hope you're enjoying the book. Happy holi-GAYS!


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