Friday, January 4, 2013

Magic to Do in 2013

By Frank Anthony Polito

Happy New Year! Sorry for the absence of blog posts over the so-called Christmas Break. Craig and I went home for the holiday to visit family and see friends. All in all, the trip was rather relaxing and restful. Got to spend time with my nephews and niece, ate a ton of "crap" food, drank a lot of alcohol, watched TV with my mom and dad. Got Mom hooked on Downton Abbey -- which we watched with subtitles -- and my new favorite show thanks to Dad is American Pickers. 

On the day after Christmas, Craig and I went with my mom, sister, brother, and sister-in-law to see Les Miserables. I was a HUGE fan of the musical back in the day -- saw it a good half dozen times before I stopped counting. I was planning to post a review here, but... I will say that I enjoyed it. Even Russell Crowe's attempt at singing didn't bother me too much. Though I will always prefer Terrence Mann's rendition of "Stars."

Speaking of... Craig and I spent New Year's Eve in Cambridge, MA where we had the pleasure of seeing the 40th anniversary production of Pippin at the American Repertory Theater, featuring Mr. Mann, along with my good friend (and fellow Detroiter) Andrew Fitch, and my Carnegie Mellon classmate Patina Miller, Tony-nominee for her starring turn in Sister Act.

 Patina Miller and the cast of PIPPIN

Fingers crossed others will have the opportunity to see this circus-infused production, directed by Diane Paulus (HAIR, The Donkey Show)... Next stop Broadway? For now, check out the Boston Globe's review HERE.

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