Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy Come, Easy Go

By Frank Anthony Polito

I've been feeling a little under the weather, so please forgive my delay in posting my review of The Performers, which I had the pleasure of seeing on Saturday night with my friend Jason. Yes, I said "pleasure." I truly enjoyed the show, particularly the performers in The Performers, despite whatever Ben Brantley had to say about it in his New York Times review.

Unfortunately, the play has since CLOSED after I don't how many performances -- a week's worth, maybe plus previews. I won't blame Mr. Brantley entirely for the show's demise. I was told by a friend in "the biz" that advance ticket sales were lacking. And I've since gone back and re-read Mr. Brantley's review, and I agree with practically everything he said. But...

I, personally, had a good time during the 90 minutes I'd spent at the theatre. I got to see Cheyenne Jackson in different states of undress, along with "Cher Horowitz" from Clueless -- who, on stage, reminded me of the "evil" Sadie Saxton from MTV's Awkward (the show you should be watching if you're not already) -- and an F bomb-dropping Arthur Fonzarelli.

I also laughed out loud, particularly during a moment when Cheyenne’s onstage wife – the brilliant Ari Graynor – got such a huge reaction from the crowd that she and Cheyenne broke down laughing themselves, had to hold for several moments, then “rewind” the scene and start all over.

I'd actually never heard of Ms. Graynor before, though she's actually been in a few films I've seen (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Youth in Revolt). Here she is below in a trailer from a (relatively) new movie she's starring in, For a Good Time, Call... 

Based on her performance in The Performers I'd like to see Ari Graynor tackle the role of "Olive" aka Jennifer Tilley, if the rumored musical version of Bullet's Over Broadway ever makes it to the Great White Way... Hopefully Ben Brantley will approve of that one!

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