Thursday, November 29, 2012

“Misery Acquaints a Man with Strange Bed-fellows...”

By Frank Anthony Polito

One of the things I’ve always envied celebrities for (other than their fame and, more importantly, fortune) is their ability to influence other, less-famous folks like the rest of us. My blogger friend, Kenneth, may not be a household name, but I know that a lot of his “Kenneth in the 212” readers take his recommendations to heart—and I’ve sold quite a few copies of my books because of him. (Thanks, K!)

I’ve always prided myself in not being an “average” person. It took me years before I broke down and read Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Yes, I enjoyed both, but I’ve always been a fan of more “indie” artists, if you will. And now I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite bands, whom you probably have never heard of…

MISSY GIBSON & BREECH — I had the pleasure of knowing Missy when we were at Wayne State together “back in the day.” She directed me in my first Hilberry Studio show, The Madness of Lady Bright, a one-act by the late, great Lanford Wilson. 

At the time, Missy was in a band called Strange Bedfellows. They were the first real-live band that I knew (not just some cover band), and I considered myself a groupie. I still have their debut album, A Ride on the Swinging Gate, on cassette somewhere, and I hope to have it transferred to MP3 format somehow. I’ve been thinking about Missy a lot lately as I’ve based one of the characters in my new novel The Spirit of Detroit, in part, on her.

A word of note: Breech’s song “Thistle” appeared on an episode of Dawson’s Creek. Listen HERE.

Check out Missy’s website HERE and listen to other clips from Breech HERE.    

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