Saturday, November 17, 2012

Willkommen, Bienvenue...

By Frank Anthony Polito

So I was reading the other day how, that as an author, I must have a website. For years I've owned my own domain (, but the "site" was always linked to either a page about one of my books, or my Facebook page, or my author page.

According to the blog entry I was reading, written by a New York literary agent, the website can not be a Facebook page or Twitter account, but a blog is perfectly acceptable -- the point being that with Facebook and Twitter, a person/potential reader isn't granted automatic access to you, the writer, unless they already have an account.

Who in this day and age isn't at least on Facebook, if not also tweeting on Twitter? And who am I to question the opinion of this NY lit agent, who could potentially be representing me one day as a writer?

I've been an official contributor to my good friend Kenneth's popular NYC lifestyle blog, "Kenneth in the (212)" for a few years now, serving as a weekly Project Runway recapper, fill-in for Kenneth when he's been away on vacation. But my personal opinion on having my own blog has always been A) who's going to want to read it?, and B) when will I have time to write it?

Since I started writing my first novel, Band Fags!, in 2006, I've spent all of my so-called "free" time working on my novel writing (or play/screenplay writing). How am I supposed to write a book (or play/screenplay) if I'm spending my time blogging? As it is I haven't written a single word on the novel I'm currently writing for NaNoWriMo because I've been too busy designing the lay out for this blog.

But... As per my daily horoscope by Sally Brompton, as read in the New York Post I've decided to not get annoyed if something unexpected stops me from doing what I want to be doing this weekend. "In the long-term it may actually work in your favor. As one door closes several more will open."

So... Welcome to Confessions of a Former Band Fag. Or... I was a Teenage Drama Queer.

The question now is: what am I going to confess -- every single day?

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